We drive innovation
and the creation of technology
in order to continue projecting the future

Travel through time and find out more about our past, present and future


Discussing Telefónica’s history of innovation involves referring to a path towards creation, evolution, endeavour and technology.

At Telefónica Innovación Digital we continue to learn how the future works in order to make it a reality.

1967 / 1987

We begin to conceive the future

  • We laid the foundations for an innovation strategy that is still in place today.


    Centre for Research and Studies

    We pioneered the first technological analyses, proofs of concept and technical publications.

  • The time comes to make innovation a reality. We launch the product design.


    Design and prototyping of our first products: phones, SATAIS and modems.

1988 / 1994

The transformation of analog

  • We create a new company at Telefónica to promote innovation and address the progress of telecommunications.

    Telefónica I+D is born

  • We develop our own style based on three pillars:
    the generation of new ideas, continuous change management and the assumption of risks.

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    The first routers for data networks.

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    Modular Public Phone

    The first smart phone boxes.

  • 1992

    Future of Telecommunications Pavilion
    at the Seville EXPO

    A journey through time that unveils
    new ways of connecting.

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    New digital exchanges
    for new services.

1995/ 2005

The digital revolution

  • We evolve the core of our business in order to connect people more and better:
    we make Spain the first country in Europe in terms of Internet connections.


    The disruption of a telco that offers Internet.

  • We believed that to promote this new way of connecting we needed to be more flexible and efficient.



    The National Monitoring and Operations Centre.
    It remains the flagship centre for Telefónica’s network management.

  • We learnt how to use this massive network connection to transform the centre of entertainment in homes: the television.


    The first multimedia solution over ADSL.

  • We designed a pricing system to give our customers control over their services.



    The first real-time pricing and charging platform for prepaid customers. It is still in use today in several countries where Telefónica operates.

    The first real-time pricing and charging platform for prepaid customers. It is still in use today in several countries where Telefónica operates.

2006 / 2012

The time to open up innovation

  • 2006

    Telefónica Ventures

    Corporate Venture Capital
    for strategic investments.

  • We encourage the innovation and transfer of technology that protects the intellectual property of our developments.


    Patent Office

    The Telefónica Patent Office is created, encouraging creativity to improve our products and services.

  • We look outwards in order to bring new ideas, new business models and the very best technology.


    The latest social network in Spain
    joins Telefónica.

  • We encourage the innovation and transfer of technology that protects the intellectual property of our developments.


    Telefónica Digital is born

  • 2011

    We create our
    open innovation Hub.

  • We further the development of new communications, big data, security and video consumption services.



    A further step for televisions in homes.


    The first managed connectivity platform for M2M.


    Smart Steps

    The first big data product.

  • We believed that we needed to attract outstanding talent in order to continue building.


    Hi, Talentum!

2013 / 2023

The technological tsunami

  • Technology begins to evolve at a frenetic pace and we pledge, first and foremost, to protect people.


    More innovation for Telefónica’s
    cybersecurity products.

  • 2013

    We create our own
    digital safety latch.

  • The data revolution begins, we discover its full potential and we learn how to exploit it.


    Creation of Chief Data Office


    Synergic Partners

    We reinforce our data centric expertise to transform our company.

  • 2015-2018

    Router Smart Wifi

    New smart routers to harness
    the full power of data.

  • 2016

    We reaffirm our commitment to Data Driven.

  • We streamline our authoring processes to ensure that all our technology speaks the same language.


    We create the Fourth Platform

    The pillar of Telefónica’s digital transformation for the development of digital services.

  • 2017


    We transform Tuenti into Mi Movistar.

  • 2018

    We launch Internet para todos in Perú.

  • We commit to the explosion of the world of smart devices and AI.



    “Okay, Aura, start working”

  • We reinvent the way we live at home.


    Movistar Home

    Our first multifunctional device with a display.

  • 2018-2021

    Smart WiFi y Conexión Segura

    All the connectivity of home, more secure and more accessible.

  • 2019

    Living Apps

    New ways of shopping, learning, connecting and enjoying ourselves with our TV.

  • We transform our core and expand our boundaries so as to continue projecting the future.


    We evolve the Fourth Platform
    and drive our digital heart with Artificial Intelligence.


    Tokens of Movistar

    We reinvent the way in which we build customer loyalty.


    Metaverse & Web3

    We create a new unit
    to anticipate our customers’ needs.

  • 2023

    Hi, Telefónica Open Innovation!

    We unify all our open innovation
    initiatives under Wayra’s leadership.

  • We open up our heart, the network, to the entire world.


    Telefónica Open Gateway

    All our capabilities at the service
    of developers to drive a new
    generation of experiences.

Hi, Telefónica Innovación Digital!

Innovation is a path that leads to the future, and our aim is to invent it.

  • Hyperconnectivity

    We evolve the global connection of components to streamline collaboration, co-creation and learning.

  • Generation of AI-generated contents

    We help society to navigate and learn more about the new artificial media.

  • Advanced computing

    We reinforce data privacy, security against external attacks and ethical-legal responsibility.

  • Private Networks and Cloud-Continuum

    We launch ImagineB5G to make the network more accessible and secure with end-to-end programmability.

  • AI applied to cybersecurity

    We develop SPATIAL: a commitment to data privacy, security against external attacks and ethical-legal responsibility.

  • Immersive experiences

    The Metaverse offers new formats and consumer experiences with AR/VR, volumetric production and avatars.


“Technology is made by people”

Julio Linares

Honorary President of Telefónica Innovación Digital


“Useful and service-focused technology for our customers”

Enrique Blanco

Telefónica Global CTIO

Our entire history is written by our people.

The tireless dedication of our company’s professionals and their courage and passion for technology are the keys to the success of this journey.

Our mistakes and our learnings are proof that we’ve never stopped making things happen.

We continue thinking, we continue dreaming.